Welcome to Fit 4 Snow!

I’m Lo, and I fell in love with snowboarding when I was 12.

I have since dedicated my life to learning, living, and loving the mountain life, especially the Winter!

I got a job selling snowboards when I was 18, and knew instantly I was destined for a career in the Outdoor Industry. I’ve spent the last 16 years working with industry leaders in many different roles, and learned how to efficiently navigate the mountain lifestyle both personally and professionally. 

I’ve lived in the mountains all my life, and in Breckenridge, CO for the last 10 years, and my appreciation for the freedom of nature, and my passion for the outdoors only gets stronger.

When I was 27, I developed Raynauds Phenomenon, a rare auto-immune intolerance to cold. My feet would go numb, even on mild days, and I couldn’t even wakesurf for more than 5 minutes in the summer without loosing all blood and feeling to my fingers. What was happening to me? I always thought I just had bad circulation, but this was something else.

My doctor told me there was no cure, and I should move to a warmer climate. 

As someone who’s life revolved around playing outdoors, especially in the winter, there was no way I was going to do that – I had just met the man I’d eventually marry and my sales career with the ski resort was just taking off. I had to find a way to “manage my condition” to stay in the mountains.

I set out on a mission to become a “master at winter”. From staying warm, to always being prepared, to having the right knowledge, to understanding the etiquette – I learned it all.

And that’s what allowed me to truly build my dream life, where I now own a beautiful cabin-style home with my husband, on more than an acre of land in Breckenridge, a world-class resort town! 

I started Fit 4 Snow in 2013 as a collection on my adventures, and it’s since evolved into a space where I can openly share my knowledge, best practices, must-have products, and tips to help you make the most of your wintertime adventure.

I’ll help you avoid rookie mistakes, stay warm and dry in the snow, be prepared on the roads, and expect the unexpected when visiting. And I can promise you won’t end up on @Jerryoftheday !

I hope you find my content valuable, and I would love to hear your feedback on how my tips worked for you, topics you’d like me to cover, or just to say hi! 

Follow me on Instagram for cute moose videos! IG: @breckenwild 

I hope you have safe, fun, confident, and thrilling adventures this Winter! 

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