WOD To Be Better

After a tumultuous year filled with heartache, tragedy, and self-discovery I found CrossFit. And it’s a good thing I did, because it has changed my life in many ways in just a matter of months.

Being able to take the skills I learn inside my “box” (gym) and apply them to life outside the box makes life more interesting. I see the world differently now. I want to climb things, perform pull ups on trees, attempt one-handed handstands in snowboard boots, and sprint up stairs. I’ve proven to myself that you get out what you put in, and that you must earn your sweat. I’ve quickly learned the language of CrossFit, consisting of words like WOD, snatch, thruster, clean, jerk, muscle up, wall ball, and so many more (and even more acronyms). I’ve gained access to a whole new world filled with fun, fit people all dedicated to bettering themselves and their lives through functional fitness and strength. Each and every person at my gym inspires me to do better and to be stronger than yesterday.

Today, before our WOD, we were given a chance to reach a 1 rep max back squat. Basically you keep adding on weights each rep until you fail. 1 Rep Maxes measure progress; one of the most unique aspects of CrossFit training. I was psyched when I shattered my previous record of 135 lbs with a new PR (personal record) of 185lbs! All day long I thought about my accomplishment, and wanted to tell anyone who would listen.My non-crossfitting friends are probably sick of hearing me talk about how awesome it is. They just don’t get it. Even though every muscle in my body aches, I can’t wait to get back in the gym tomorrow to accomplish something else.

I think for me, that’s why I CrossFit. Each day there is a new challenge, a new opportunity to set, reach, or surpass a goal. I CrossFit to learn new skills and become more fit and confident. I’m getting fit for life.

My 185# back squat attempt at D-Town CrossFit on November 28th, 2012

Following the back squat was the WOD:

20-15-9 rep rounds:

Power Cleans (floor to shoulders)

Box Jumps (20″)

Kettle Bell Swings (16kg/35 lbs)

CrossFit Anywhere – I CrossFit at Keystone Resort