Flippin’ Fun


This weekend was one of the highlights of my season; I went to Woodward at Copper for “work”. My job has many perks, one of them being that I get to attend the events I help plan.


With the help of the amazing people at Woodward, I put on the 2013 Roxy Snow Camp, a two-day freestyle camp supervised by Copper coaches and Roxy pro Erin Comstock. I have looked up to Erin for many years. Her unique snowboard style, her relaxed attitude and her dedication to women’s freestyle snowboarding has secured her position as a legend in my eyes. This summer, while interning in Huntington Beach for the Roxy Snow Marketing department I worked on a project where I sorted through 10 years of her video footage. It took me 70 hours, but I compiled enough footage to make a career restrospective edit for Erin and her family. Little did I know it would be used in Roxy’s national marketing campaign!

Here is the finished project: 

Anyways, needless to say I was psyched to have Erin at the camp I was running. She was awesome. The highlight of riding with her was when I followed her through the trees in 18″ of fresh snow. It was epic! Definitely a day I will never forget. Each morning, before we went on snow we played in the Woodward Barn. Trampolines, foam pits, synthetic snow jumps and spring floors are only a few of the goodies offered at the barn. Backflips are surprisingly easy and super fun! I must have flipped 50 times between the two days. I even learned rodeo 540, a backflip with a half spin.


All in all, the camp was a success and I became friends with my all-time favorite athlete, Erin Comstock. She and her husband just moved to Denver, and we are going to start doing Bikram Yoga together to get ready for summer! I can’t wait. 537722_10152640072235543_1172896043_n