Rethink Recovery

I notice that a lot of people at my crossfit gym dump protein powder into a glass of water, and chug it to feed the muscles post-WOD. There must be a better way…

I have been a life-long Jamba Juicer, but my wallet can’t keep up with my appetite for fresh fruit smoothies, so I finally tried to make my own. After several attempts, a few blender mishaps, and some not-so-delicious smoothies, I dialed in an awesome and and super easy way to make recovery smoothies.

Here is what you’ll need: Frozen organic berries (any kind), Coconut milk, Naked Green Machine Superfood, Ice, Vega One Plant based powder

-*1/2 cup berries,

-*1 cup coconut milk

– *2 oz Green Machine (I even add a little Kombucha sometimes)

– *5 ice cubes

– 1* scoop Vega One powder

MIX ALL TOGETHER IN BLENDER, Pour into cup, and Enjoy

**All measurements are approximate


One thought on “Rethink Recovery

  1. caitb55 says:

    Wow. Thanks for posting this. Sounds amazing!! I’ll have to try this after an intense dance class! 🙂

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