Benchmark WODs measure progress and track improvement. These workouts usually have names like “Barbara,” “Fran,” and “Angie” and are feared by CrossFitters around the world.

Today we did a WOD called “Kelly.”

One of the smartest things my gym does is to not post the workouts ahead of time. This prevents cherry picking workouts because you have to show up and commit to doing it before you even know what it will be. This WOD was different. I went snowboarding at Keystone in the morning, then on my way home checked the website. I saw that the day’s WOD was already posted…. and it looked hard. Yes, all CrossFit workouts are hard, but this looked especially scary to me since there was a lot of running involved, and WallBalls are extremely demanding. (See Below for WOD)

I thought about skipping it since I knew what it was and I had already gone snowboarding, but I decided to go anyways. One of my biggest motivations for completing the “Kelly” WOD was that my ex-boyfriend of 7 years is named Kelly. We broke up this past summer and I knew this WOD couldn’t be any worse, or any harder than ending things with Kelly.

So, I went into the gym with a new mentality, a determination like never before. I threw myself into it 100% and gave it everything I had; just like I had done with my failed relationship.

When it was over, I was not only impressed with how well I did, but I felt I had accomplished something amazingly personal… like I was closing a major chapter in my life.

The feeling of personal accomplishment. pushing past comfort zones and going beyond known limits is one of the most rewarding side-effects of CrossFit training. I experienced this on a whole new level following the “Kelly” WOD. It went beyond physical triumph… it was alike an invisible weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Here is what the workout consisted of:

5 Rounds for Time:

– Run 400 Meters

– 30 Box Jumps at 20″

– 30 WallBalls 14lbs

In total I ran 2,000, completed 150 box jumps and 150 wallballs in 30:08.


Me and Kelly in 2010


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