Today was the day! I slipped on my socks, base layers, sports bra and hoodie. Put sunscreen on my face, cooked a quick breakfast and double checked my bag. I had everything… in fact I had two of everything. I always get nervous on my first day of the season, and feel like I’m forgetting something. After double checking my gear I grabbed my snowboard and ran out the door. As I drove the hour and 10 minutes up to the mountains time passed so slow. I couldn’t wait to be there and make my first turns of the season.

Though I drove up alone I was confident that I would run into some friends. I was right. As soon as I got to the parking lot, I jumped out, tightened my boots, strapped my new helmet to my head and was off. I felt a huge smile overtake my face as I leaned down to buckle my ankle strap for the first time in months.

As I made my first turns I was instantly overcome with excitement, joy, and a renewed sense of peace and passion. *Sigh* It had been a long summer; a life-changing summer. Now I was home. Home in the snow.

As if the day wasn’t awesome enough, I ran into different friends every run (it seemed) and before I knew it I had a crew of 10 people with me! I made a point to attempt nearly every trick I learned last year as I slithered my way through the crowd at the top of the park and dropped in. I ended my day feeling accomplished, excited and ready for more.

It’s just the beginning. Let the adventures begin!


Day 1 – A-basin


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