Surf Colorado

I’m really starting to like this whole summer thing…


My friend Colby and I even tandem surfed. We got up on our first try, but our moment of glory was cut short by a tandem faceplant.

IMG_2191 IMG_2193

IMG_0104Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 12.10.10 AM


Let it snow

Only 9 days until snowmaking starts and I can barely contain my excitement! I had an amazing summer, but now I’m ready for an EPIC winter. Last year was the driest year I’ve ever seen, and I did not get my powder fix. But what can ya do? After all I can’t make it snow, so decided to work with what I had and step up my freestyle skills instead. Here is a short edit my friend put together for me last spring. LoRidin’ 2011-12