Experience Insignificance

Seems I only write after an extreme experience like hiking to the Maroon Bells alone in the winter, or jumping off cliffs into an ice cold mountain lake. Why don’t I write about the rest of my adventures like downhill mountain biking in Telluride, or surfing in California? They are pretty awesome stories too, but it’s weird writing about my life all the time, like I’m bragging or showing off or something. Maybe it’s because I’m picky, with unreasonably high expectations of myself. Or maybe it’s because I’m simply too lazy to sit down and do it. I think it’s a combination of all three, but I realized that each and every adventure is epic in it’s own way. The short bike rides in the woods, the intense sprint sessions by the river, even the quiet moments on top of a mountain I just climbed – every adventure has a story. That being said, not every story needs to be shared. Some I keep only for myself.

Too often I’m reminded of how short life is, and that it is meant to be lived with passion, not to be predetermined by guidelines or rules, and definitely not to be lived in fear. While maybe I’m never meant to fully understand why, I believe I seek adventure to feel like part of something bigger than myself. And maybe that’s what people seek in God… I’m not sure. Moments like being alone with the bears in the Aspen Wilderness in 4 feet of snow, exhausted, sunburned, sore and hungry give me a sense of insignificance. Feeling small and unimportant allows me to see my life from a greater perspective. This also explains my fascination with astronomy and the universe.

Ok, yes, hiking alone in those conditions was reckless, but I was pushed past every limit I thought I had, and it changed me, just like CrossFit did when I was training. Powerful experiences like these remind me that there are bigger and more important things than the petty situations I call “problems.” The most important thing I can do is live my life my way, not waste time on things that don’t matter, or people who don’t care, and to make my mark on the world. In other words, I don’t just want to play the game, I want to change the game. 

So even though I am going to keep most of my stories for myself, here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to.

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My Life Lately

The past year has been a series of epic adventures and life changing decisions. Though I’m always striving for the next level, I created this video to remind myself of how far I’ve come already. If I die tomorrow, this is my story, my art, my message to the world. This is My Life Lately. 

“Each one of us only gets to experience a small piece of forever. What will you do with yours?” 

I have some incredible people by my side and I could not have done this without all of you. You know who you are…  Thank you for helping me find my way to the amazing place I am today. 


California Dreaming

After a crazy Winter of non-stop work and play, it was time to breathe. Because I worked full time through college, worked two jobs after graduating, moved to Breck to take on a huge new job last year, and had the craziest Winter of my life, it was time for a much needed vacation.

Once my professional life was in order, I booked a flight to Orange County, California. While working for Quiksilver in college I was lucky enough to spend a Summer in Huntington Beach interning at their world headquarters. I hadn’t been back to visit since I moved back to Colorado. Almost two years!


12 short days later, I was walking barefoot on the beach; the warm sand slipping between my toes. I couldn’t help but smile as I felt every bit of stress, worry, and confusion about my life melt away and get carried out to sea. The five days I was there flew by, and the next thing I knew I was home.

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 6.28.16 PM

I spent the first night with my friend Baxanne in Carlsbad, well she is my friend, but she is also my ex boyfriend’s mom. Weird, right? Well, I dated her son, Kelly for 7 years, lived with him for 6. Even though things with him didn’t work out, her and I remained close. I mean… she is a badass! Drives a Corvette ZO6, rides a Harley, is President of the Women’s Carlsbad Golf League, and she is fun, beautiful, insightful, and extremely generous.


It great to see her, but I couldn’t wait to get to Huntington Beach… My old stomping grounds – Surf City! As soon as I got there, I grabbed some friends, surf boards, my GoPro and hit the water. Got some sweet action shots, but the battery died right before the surfing money shots…. you can bet I won’t leave the spare battery in the car next time… Anyways, enjoy some pics from my trip. It was all around amazing and I’ll be back on the beach soon.

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 6.15.24 PM Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 6.22.46 PM  Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 6.33.21 PM  Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 8.53.36 PM  Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 8.08.14 PM Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 9.38.38 PM Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 9.40.25 PM Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 10.04.08 PM